Filing proof of publication

Whenever a Proof of Publication for various documents (i.e. liquor license establishment, trade name, corporation filing, etc.) is filed, the newspaper will send three (3) copies of the Proof to the individual who filed. The individual is responsible for sending one copy:Proof of Publication

  • to the Secretary of State
  • to the Dakota County Clerk
  • keeping one copy for their records
An original copy of the Proof of Publication must be filed with the Dakota County Clerk with a filing fee of $5.00. After filing, a photocopy of the proof showing the date filed will be returned to the sender to verify the filing.

To see a list of the current records we have on file click here.

Where to file it?

Dakota County Clerk's Office
1601 Broadway                        GET A MAP
PO Box 39
Dakota City, NE 68731